Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Heathen Families" Hardcover is Available

"Heathen Families" is a 92 page book featuring 9 modern heathen fables rooted in our Lore.  They are written specifically for Heathen children.  The book also features every essay I've written that has to do with Heathen children and families.  The hardcover of "Heathen Families" is available for $16.95 by clicking here.
A digital download of the book is also available for $3.95 by clicking here.  I'll post another blog note when the $7.95 paperback version become available.  The following is the information on the book:
Asatru, or Heathenry, is based on the pre-Christian religion and way-of-life of our Northern European Ancestors. Modern Heathen honor the true Gods of their ancestors, and we honor them in the ways that they did. We also honor our ancestors and the spirits of the land. Heathenry is very family oriented, and encourages us to live responsible lives of honor. Nothing is more important than our families and the children that we bring into this world.  
The modern heathen fables within are just one part of a larger puzzle of finding better ways of sharing our way-of-life with our children. This book brings together all of the essays written by the author to-date on the topic of Heathen children and families. 
Love your children, give gifts to your Gods, honor your ancestors, and respect the Vaettir of the land. Hail our Folk!
Mark Ludwig Stinson
Jotun's Bane Kindred
Temple of Our Heathen Gods

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