Friday, May 25, 2012

Viking Games at Lightning Across the Plains 2012

There is nothing more fun than some friendly, but hard-fought, competition. At Lightning Across the Plains near Kansas City on September 20-23, 2012 we'll spend several hours on Saturday afternoon competing in a variety of contests. All are welcome to participate, though many have a good time just watching the action, and cheering for their favorite participants in the games.  Each of the contests is described in detail below.  To learn more about LATP or to register for the event, visit

HAMMER-TOSS - Craig Winkler made an amazing incredibly heavy hammer...for the Hammer-Toss at Lightning Across the Plains 2009-2011. We'll be retiring old "Skullsplitter," and creating a nearly identical hammer for LATP 2012.  Each participant gets two throws, and the longest throw is all that counts. Whoever gets the longest throw of the day, is the victor.

The farthest the hammer has ever been thrown is 47 feet and 3 inches. Perhaps you can beat this throw at Lightning Across the Plains 2012.

KINDRED TUG-OF-WAR - Each kindred in attendance may field one team of three kindred members. Everyone on a tug-of-war team has to be a "member" of that kindred. If you are an oathed kindred, then everyone on your team must be oathed. If you are not an oathed kindred, then everyone on the team must be considered a full-member of your kindred.

The ultimate winner of the Kindred Tug-of War gets to take home a large Thor's Hammer trophy. The Franks won a trophy at LATP 2009 and 2010.  Mjolnir Kindred took the trophy in 2011.  Will your kindred take the hammer home from LATP 2012? Time will tell.

STEAL THE WENCH - Its a simple enough game. There's a "house" area outlined by a rope, and a woman inside the house. A man starts outside the house, and must attempt to "steal the wench," get her out of the house, and across a finish line in the shortest time possible. Meanwhile, the woman attempts to drag the man into the "thrall room" of the house, and make him her thrall (slave) for the rest of the weekend.

While its a simple game, its an excellent test of strength and determination. At past LATP's, more than one man met his better and was dragged into the thrall room. And there were numerous matches that ended without victory for either.
So, at Lightning Across the Plains 2012, men and women who want a real challenge will find "Steal the Wench" well worth playing.

We will get the heathen children involved in Tug-of-War and Steal the Wench as well.  To learn more about LATP or to register for the event, visit

Mark Ludwig Stinson
Jotun's Bane Kindred
Temple of Our Heathen Gods