Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Religious Activities at Lightning Across the Plains 2013

Lightning Across the Plains is a heathen event, where heathens from across the Heartland come together to honor our Gods, our Ancestors, and the Vaettir. At LATP tribes, families, and heathens come together for this purpose as part of a larger regional community.

GOD HOF - To the West of our main camping area, there will be a Hof established at Lightning Across the Plains 2013. It will include images and statues of Odin, Thor, and well as areas within the Hof for honoring other Gods and Goddesses. If you have statues or objects you would like included in the Hof throughout the weekend, please bring them along. When you check-in at the registation table, please provide us with those objects. We'll record your name so that we can make sure you get your items back at the end of the weekend. Sacrifices to the Gods can be offered at the Hof, and we will ensure these items are properly sacrificed.

ANCESTOR'S HALL - To the West of our main camping area, we will also set up a hall for the remembrance of our Ancestors.  You can bring artifacts representing and honoring you ancestors to include on the tables in this hall.  There will be chairs in the hall, for quiet contemplation of what we owe our ancestors.  You can write stories or details about your ancestors in the Ancestors Book, which is kept in the hall throughout the event.

OPENING & CLOSING RITUAL - At the start of Lightning Across the Plains there will be an Opening Ritual, declaring grith and frith over the gathering. Tyr will be honored, and the perimeter of the gathering area will be walked in procession, with gifts given to the Vaettir of the land to ensure their goodwill and protection from baneful wights. The help of the children at the gathering will be enlisted, and they will have the honor of distributing gifts to the land wights.

VISITING THE VE - Jotun's Bane Kindred has established an outdoor Ve at Gaea Retreat. It is a cleared circle in the woods, at the roots of a large powerful oak tree named Forn Halr ("old man" in Old Norse).  This is our holy tree, and the Ve has a large stone harrow, a firepit, and benches around its perimeter. It is a beautiful and peaceful place, and it is where our kindred takes our kindred oaths. On Saturday morning we'll lead a walk over to the Ve for those that would like to visit it. And we will honor Forn Halr...and leave offerings for the land wights.

ODIN BLOT - Friday evening after dinner, we'll gather for an Odin Blot led by Fimbul Winter Kindred and other  Heathens from Colorado.  This celebratory event leads directly into Friday night's Folk Symbel.

FOLK SYMBEL - Friday night after dark, we'll gather around a fire and have a Folk Symbel. A horn will be passed, and we will toast the Gods and Goddesses, our Ancestors & Heroes, and then boast of our accomplishments. As a gathered Folk, we'll put our good words and deeds into the Well. If you know a good poem or a song worth singing, please share it with everyone during this Symbel.  While this Symbel is more informal in its structure, every year it is one those events that has a lot of impact on everyone participating.

SATURDAY NIGHT FAINING - After dinner on Saturday night, we'll gather as a Folk and celebrate with a large Faining our relationship with our Elder Kin.

SATURDAY NIGHT HIGH SYMBEL - After the Faining, we will enter the Hall as Tribes, Families, and individual heathens and conduct a High Symbel. At 2012's Lightning Across the Plains, over 150 adults sat in Symbel and spoke good words over the horn. This is a formal event, and if you have garb to wear and are so inclined please wear it. But garb is not required. This is a night for bold and Tru words, gift-giving, and the forming of bonds among the Folk.

THOR FAINING - On Sunday morning, prior to the Heathen Auction, there will be a Thor Faining led by Hridgar Folk Kindred from Texas.  Asa-Thor is honored and asked to grant his protection to everyone in attendance on their journeys home from Lightning Across the Plains.

Mark Ludwig Stinson
Jotun's Bane Kindred
Temple of Our Heathen Gods

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Workshops at Lightning Across the Plains 2013

At Lightning Across the Plains 2013 on Sept 26-29 there will be a wide variety of workshops, classes, and discussions presented by Heathens from across the Midwest and beyond.  We encourage both adults and teenagers to attend workshops and participate in these discussions.

GROUP SPIRITUALITY - Planning and maintaining the spiritual activities and focus of a Heathen hearth, kindred, or family. Presented by Eric Sjerven.

THE WORTHING PROCESS - A discussion of the formal process of earning one's place and proving one's worth within a Heathen kindred or tribe.  Presented by Gunner Miller.

ASATRU / HEATHENRY 101 - This discussion of our native Folkway, will discuss the worldview and core values of our religion and way of life from a modern tribal point of view.  This workshop will be interesting for those new the Heathenry, but can also be useful for those with more experience.  Presented by Mark Ludwig Stinson.

THE ART OF VIKING WIRE WEAVING - Hands on instruction on how to weave wire into beautiful necklaces and other jewelry.  Presented by Erin Marshall and Ralph Romig.

BLACKSMITHING DEMO - Forges, hammers, anvils, and making cool stuff from iron using your strength and skill.  Presented by Jarnsmidur Kindred

TRACING THE WEB OF WYRD - A practical exercise that illustrates the interconnected nature of shared Wyrd and Orlog. Presented by Eric Sjerven.

STAVERS IN THE HOUSE - A casual gathering for women and men to learn the basics of staving for song and ritual - meet on the wooden stage at the Pavillion. Bring your staff and stick. One of two workshops required in order to perform with Kari in the concert on Saturday Night!  Presented by Kari Tauring.

NORDIC MOVEMENT - Learn about Svict, Tyngde, and Kraft...Weight, Wave and Power in Nordic walking, skiing, and dancing. Kari will teach how the spine stav, the world tree, and the runes manifest in our bodies as we move. All ages workshop, parents and children, elders and youth are all encouraged to attend. We will practice the concepts through Komme Alle, the Bear Hunt Ritual Dance, and other ancient circle dances. The second of two workshops required to perform with Kari in the concert on Saturday Night!  Presented by Kari Tauring.

THE RITUAL OF ACHIEVEMENT - How to use the power of Symbel to get what you want from life.  Symble is a time for community bonding. It is also when we stand right on the edge of "what is becoming!" The ritual as recognized today is a powerful formula to program your subconscious to reach your goals and a way to declare your desires to the Aesir, your ancestors, and friendly wights. Presented by Everte Farnell.

PERSONAL PRACTICES WITHIN HEATHENRY - The workshop will focus on those personal practices that you can perform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Obviously, there is no "correct" way to do these things, but this workshop will give you plenty of ideas and get you thinking.  Presented by Mark Ludwig Stinson.

NORTHERN MAGIC - FORGING THE WILL - This presentation is meant to deconstruct preconceived notions and build a broader understanding of what it is, its application, and the limits of the human potential.  Presented by Matthias Waggener.
A HEATHEN FAMILY'S INTRO TO PREPPING - This workshop will introduce participants to how to prepare their family, hearth, or kindred for whatever emergency hardships may come their way.  Presented by Jason Van Tatenhove.

NORDIC BATHING RITUALS FOR WOMEN - This workshop discuss all the sacred body types in Nordic art and iconography from the Ice Age, Bronze Age, and early Viking Era. Learn new ways of honoring and share your ideas for the excellent hygiene the Northlanders were known for.

WORKING WITH THE WIGHTS - This class will go over some of the basics of working with the Wights, Elves, Trolls, Dwarves, and House Fae. It will focus on the traditions of our northern ancestors, and how to bring these practices into modern heathenry.  Presented by Zanna Israelson.

NATURAL MEDICINE IN MODERN LIFE - An introductory survey on using herbs and natural healing methods in your own home, covering children, pets and adults. We will talk about what herbs and tinctures to keep on hand, how to read labels, where to find fresh herbs and where to look for more information. Bring your questions and notebooks!  Presented by Shawna Jones.

The workshops at LATP are just one of many reasons to attend.  We'll see you there!

Mark Ludwig Stinson
Jotun's Bane Kindred
Temple of Our Heathen Gods