Monday, August 1, 2011

Heathen Gods Podcast?

You know...the success of of both Ravencast and Raven Radio really underlines the demand people have for heathen audio and video content. Youtube, podcasting, and iTunes are a method for information sharing where there is room for growth. Additional voices...additional options. And Midwest Heathenry is really not well-represented in this area.

For over a year, we've been talking about the possibility of doing a Podcast. One thing we have not wanted to do, is to do things in the way that others do it. Ravencast and Raven Radio have a certain feel and methodology that is their own, and they are both good at what they do. We've talked at length about how to approach this and how to provide some content and an approach that would add to what currently exists without simply duplicating efforts.

And it is fair to say that we are closer than ever to taking the plunge. We'll likely start with 30 minute shows, pre-recorded and edited. The shows will each hit a specific topic important to us, with a focus on building and maintaining a kindred, building regional bonds between kindreds, and some of the basic human interactions that take place within a kindred...all from a Midwestern Heathen viewpoint.

We're still working out details, but I thought I'd share what we've been talking about...

Mark Ludwig Stinson
Jotun's Bane Kindred
Temple of Our Heathen Gods