Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Are Invited to Lightning Across the Plains

Heathenry is about community, gathering as a people, shaking a man or woman's hand, looking them in the eye, hearing their voice, telling stories, getting to know each other. It is letting your kids play together. Letting your spouses get to know each other. Its about laughing at dumb jokes, and telling stories from your life. Its about mingling Wyrd...and taking the measure of another person, and finding them of worth.

 On September 23-25, 2011, heathen tribes, strong families, and solid heathen individuals from around the Heartland will gather at Gaea Retreat, a campground about 40 minutes outside of the Kansas City Area. There were 240 heathens at 2010's LATP, 70 of which were children.  Our registration packet contains a schedule for the 2011 event, and details on food, workshops, Symbels, the Blot, what you'll need to bring, and everything else you could possibly want to know about the event...


Your registration includes all camping fees and dinner on Friday and Saturday night. Individual Registrations are $40 and Family Registrations are $60. There's an "Early Option" where you can arrive a day early on September 22nd.  The "Early Option" is an additional $10 for Indivduals and $20 for Families.  You can register with PayPal, a credit card, or by check.  All of the information about how to register is here...


Kari Tauring will be performing at the event, and presenting several workshops.  Hauk Heimsdallsman will also be performing.  There will be workshops on heathen topics, traditional crafts, and even a singles meet-and-greet.  There are religious events throughout the event, several fainings, a Folk Symbel on Friday night, and a High Symbel on Saturday night.  We'll also have Viking Games for the adults, such as a hammer-toss, a tug-of-war, and steal-the-wench.

We have events, classes, and fun scheduled for your children throughout the event, including hikes, sword and hammer fighting lessons, storytelling, a class on the runes, craft projects, and a huge foam-weapon battle, complete with a Valkyrie that will remove "the fallen" from the field, and take them to either Vahalla or Freyja's Hall, where they will encounter refreshments befitting brave (kid) warriors.  We will also play the very popular game, "Kill the Troll," which the kids just seem to absolutely love.  Every child in attendance receives a free foam-covered weapon as part of their registration.

At Lightning Across the Plains 2011, we will also hold the 2nd Regional Midwest Thing.  Chieftain, Gothar, and Elders from tribes across the region will gather to discuss on-going and future efforts to advance and support the growth of our Folkway here in the Midwest.  All kindreds in attendance are invited to participate in the Chieftain, Gothar, and Elders meeting...and every heathen in attendance is welcome to attend the public meeting at Thing.

Volkshof Kindred, the Franks, Tyr's Helm Tribe, Winterhof Kindred, Hammer-Tree Hearth, Mjolnir Kindred, Fimbul Winter Kindred, Hridgar Kindred, Bifrost Way Kindred, Golden Shield Kindred, Sigruna Kindred, Bifrost Bridge Kindred, Frith Home, Wolf Tree Kindred, Wolves' Wod Kindred, Third Raven Kindred, Sacred Oak, and Jotun's Bane Kindred were some of the kindreds, hearths, and families represented at LATP 2010.  There were heathens there from across the Heartland.  Minnesota to Texas.  Utah to Indiana.  While this is a regional event focused on the Midwest, all good heathens are welcome to attend.

Help us spread the word.  Tell other heathens about the event.  Drag them with you if you need to.  Let's make this gathering something our children talk about in their old age.  :-)

Mark Ludwig Stinson
Jotun's Bane Kindred
Temple of Our Heathen Gods

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